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Senin, 13 Juli 2009


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The surrounding region of Tobias Barreto has something which most villages in the arid North East of Brazil can only dream of: a surplus of water. Yet, the local agriculture and economy have insufficiently benefited from this advantage. For this reason STRO co-operates with entrepreneurs and the local government in agricultural innovation: the production of sheep cheese, bio fuel and organic vegetables.

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In Brazil the countless sheep yield wool and meat. Sheep cheese, despite its high nutritional value is not a by-product in Brazil. Therefore the farmers near Tobias Barreto are grabbing the opportunity to partake in a new project: producing sheep milk and sheep cheese. The first step for the farmers is to follow a training programme to learn how to breed sheep that will improve the milk quality of the local sheep race Santa Inês. Additionally, a new factory will produce the high-quality Agrovila sheep cheese. This creates extra employment for women and youngsters. The new sheep products will be sold to tourist hotels in the coastal area of Brazil.

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The Bargieri Farm. See a Brazilian farm right at the foot of the Sea Mountain Range, in the heart of the Atlantic Rain Forest. There they breed imported races such as goats and sheep. Besides, they keep and raise tropical species too such as catetos, a kind of savage hog. Two rivers cross the land: Black River and Tambotica (this one a little farther from the farm). There's a hotel for adventurers. A restaurant serves delicious and tender "açaí" and "pupunha" hearts-of-palm as well as "the" unforgettable barbecue made with water buffalo ribs. There are lakes for fishing (many Brazilian species from "pantanal" - the wetlands) presenting a relaxing atmosphere with the mountains on the background. The twenty-eight tanks for raising Brazilian fish, are full of fresh and cold water from the mountains. Tropical birds and light blue butterflies complete the wondrous panorama.

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